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Release Fear, Relax into Trust: Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing

With Adriana Cerundolo

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When we are overwhelmed by fear, we lose touch with our bodies and ourselves. We enter an altered state of consciousness where our perception is clouded and truth is hard to find. In this 3-hr workshop, we will use Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing to release fear, deepen into trust, and ground into the sanctuary of our bodies.

Security and grounding come from a strong first chakra - the energetic root that tethers us to reality and the Earth. When our root chakra is strong, our Soul Body (our primary body around which all others - mental, physical, energetic - organize around) feels at home and at ease. This means our true essence feels safe to exist. This is our foundation from which to engage with life and create in the world.

When fear overtakes us, our root chakra becomes weakened, which makes for a weakened Soul Body. This results in a common “flee” response where we feel detached from our essence and our body, manifesting as anxiety, fear, and depression.

The key to reversing the grip of fear is relaxing the physical body so the Soul can gently return. As the Soul lands back into the body, it remembers its true essence as divine. This remembering heals the wounds of separation and deepens trust in life.

~Join us on this journey back to the self ~

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, journal/pen

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice for building self-awareness through coordinated breath and movement patterns. The focus is on using the “kundalini,” or innate life force energy that flows up the spine, to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Expect a series of postures that will enliven, expand, and nourish you.

Sound Healing works on the premise that everything, physical and non-physical, vibrates as energy. Through the laws of resonance, vibration becomes a powerful tool for transforming our experience.


Adriana is a certified Sound Healer, KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and 7Directions dance ceremony facilitator. She believes that when we tend to our own inner world to align with our truth, we not only thrive, we also change the world around us. Her personal journey has taught her the transformative powers of sound, breath, and movement, and she loves weaving these tools together to support others’ personal empowerment.

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