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Navigating Change with Clarity and Resilience

With Katie Sabin

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Would you like to have more clarity and resilience? What about learning to move through challenges with a heightened sense of creativity, love and joy?

It’s no accident that the concept of resilience is capturing the attention of business leaders, educators and parents, to name a few. As we cultivate resilience within ourselves, we learn we can embrace both success and failure! There comes a time when we wish to change and need to let ourselves be more fully seen to get to the next level in our career, spiritual growth, creative endeavors and relationships. It is critical that we learn to put down our protective armor and find the courage to show up despite our fears and vulnerabilities. Then we move beyond our blocks and open up to receive more creativity, love and joy.

The intention of this workshop is to learn techniques to more deeply connect with yourself and receive inspiration and confirmation for powerfully stepping into your next chapter or reaching your next goal. Katie will also be channeling personalized messages.

Workshop Structure:
• Intro
• Guided Meditation
• Open Floor to Share
• Channeling - Receive additional advice from your guides and spiritual team to assist your journey
• Q&A

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Katie Sabin is a Medium and Spiritual Coach for people seeking more clarity, creativity and fulfillment. For the last decade, she has been assisting leaders and organizations to transform as a Coach and as a Strategy and Change Management Consultant. In her consulting career, she guided executives through strategic changes in their organizations. Today, she integrates her experiences and expertise to hold space for her clients’ transformation. Katie channels divine guidance through angels, guides and loved ones to support clients to heal and to experience life with greater ease and empowerment. Katie assists people to heal limiting patterns as well as to anchor in new practices that expand every area of their lives.

Before opening her private practice, Katie worked at a Fortune 500 consulting company in Washington, D.C. She holds an M.B.A. from Thunderbird School of Global Management and is certified as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner from Georgetown University. For more information, please visit

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