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Spring Stability - Restoring the base chakras and Kapha dosha

With Koren Kiener


As nature invites us to turn the page from winter to spring, we open the door to new shifts. The weather and earth’s surroundings transform around us and we too are sprung into new energetic changes. Since spring is associated with the Ayurvedic dosha of Kapha, there is a strong earth quality present. When in balance, Kapha can provide us strength and stability, but when imbalanced, our energy can be low and dull.

The first three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) govern our sense of security, well-being and empowerment. Some may reason that these lower chakras are the most influential to our internal balance as they set the foundation for the remaining 4 chakras. When marrying understanding of these chakras and the tone of the Kapha season, we can develop tools to help us remain balanced and positive on an overall level.

Join Koren Kiener for a grounding and strengthening practice. This 2 hour workshop will inform students of the fundamental qualities of the first 3 chakras as well as the main aspects of the Kapha season. With this overview, practitioners will be encouraged to apply skillful meditation and asana to compliment these attributes. Since these chakras are heavily themed around support and confidence, students will be cued to tap into these inner resources with guidance.

This is an all-levels offering that is well suited for students wanting to learn more about the chakras, doshas and seeking a grounding practice.



As a former dancer, Koren’s yoga journey began with introduction through her ballet training. After experiencing the benefits that yoga provided on an all-encompassing level, she became inspired to share the practice within a teaching environment. Koren holds a 200-hr Vinyasa RYT from Yoga to the People in addition to a 200-hr Embodied Mind RYT with Jill Satterfield. She has also acquired over 100+ hours of additional training through various workshops and mentorships, as she remains curious to expand her knowledge.

Koren specializes in a unique integration of Vinyasa yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Embodiment practices. Her guidance extends beyond the physical, as she encourages students to dive within and explore their mental, emotional, and spiritual landscapes as well. Much of her teaching is based on a synthesis of both Yogic and Buddhist methodologies. She is driven to help students pause, honor the present moment, reconnect to their authentic truth, and create space for overall wellness. She believes that every student brings a special story to the mat, and sees the practices as a compass towards self-discovery, transformation, healing, compassion, and empowerment.

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