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Bringing Abundance to Life: The Feminine Leads the Way

With Terrie Burns


Terrie Burns, clairvoyant intuitive, offers a workshop opportunity to experience how the partnering of your masculine and feminine can catapult your dreams to life.  It’s the ultimate step in getting out of your own way, while creating a personal path to happiness.  Discover how partnering the intelligence of your human body and the wisdom of your soul sets the foundation for this new creative system to flourish.  It aligns you with the natural flow of abundance.  Join Terrie as she models the feminine leading the way and unveils your remembrance of how to do this.


Terrie Burns uses her clairvoyance and intuition to observe and read energy. Whether she’s teaching classes or providing insights to her clients, she’s passionate about being a model to others who want to tap into their own innate wisdom. Her insights shift consciousness, while validating a spiritual journey in a shifting world. Terrie was born in Marin where she continues to live with her family. More at

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