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Effortless Creation: The Partnering of Masculine and Feminine... An Evening with Terrie Burns


We’re so excited to welcome Terrie Burns back to Soulstice… Please register early & keep this date in your calendars - it will be an inspiring and insightful evening!

We’re in the midst of a creative revolution.  It calls to each of us to remember who we are and rebirth our authentic self.  A change in planetary resonance is unlocking our DNA and cellular memory.  It’s altering the creative model, with the feminine heart stepping up to lead the way and inspiring the heart/mind (feminine/masculine) partnership into action. Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys, states that “Creativity is the single most important gift for drawing humanity out of its mass psychosis”.   He’s referring to the launching of this new creative model.  Gather together for a social and informative evening with Terrie Burns, clairvoyant intuitive, and learn how you are rebirthing your creative process, thus becoming the one you have been waiting for.  She’ll offer a clear perspective of this creative model and demonstrate the feminine leading the way while entertaining your questions.


Terrie is a clairvoyant intuitive who uses her gift to help others tap into their own innate wisdom. Please join us for a wonderful interactive evening as Terrie addresses our shifting world. As we enter 2019, Terrie will channel and share information about this unique moment in our history, the new re-alignment of the masculine and feminine and why Creativity will be a vital part of our collective salvation.

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