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Mind-Body Medicine Journeys for Men

Learn to Activate Your Own Inner Medicine and Masterfully Surf Your Inner Terrain with Urban Shaman & Mind-Body Coach, Gina Vance


Explore what your own Inner Wisdom has to teach you about
Self Love, Partnership & Purpose.

You’ll be guided into indigenous-style soul journeys to connect to your own Most Complete Wisdom. 

You’ll experience how easy it can be to connect to resources, clear inner clutter, and unify your strengths through your natural ability to journey within.

Leave this adventure knowing how to:
Feel good in your body
Feel calm in your mind
Feel at ease in the world

We won't be using externally ingested plant medicines, but will be gently yet powerfully activating your internal medicine - in whatever form it represents itself to you - animal, mineral, vegetal, or otherwise.

You are encouraged to bring a notebook to jot down your inner-journey experiences. All levels of experience welcome! Bring a lunch to eat in the park across the street or enjoy one of the many nearby restaurants during our lunch break.

Because your inner genius is easier to access than is generally believed.

This is exclusively for men, to access inner resources in support of Self Love, Partnership & Purpose in these times of radical change, backlash against men as part of the “patriarchy”, and unsureness of how best to respond to the demands of life, relationships, and this new world.

Because being a man in this wildly challenging world requires deep support, and we're not gonna change this world without them, this day of learning to experience the incredible power and beauty in the soul of a man is a gift that will bless all in his sphere of influence.

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Gina Vance is a Men's Embodiment Coach, who brings her background in indigenous healing, shamanic journeying, clinical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, mind-body medicine and engineering, to work that helps those who are passionate about not being held back, to develop a stronger relationship with their inner wisdom, strength and ability to create change. She provides personal and professional support to those she calls Pathfinders— here to find their unique path of genius and service, walk it well, and help others do the same. Learn more at:

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