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Seasonal Detox with Kundalini Yoga & Sound

with Adriana Cerundolo

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Rejuvenate yourself with kundalini yoga and sound vibration.

Most of us are not exercising enough to promote good digestive elimination. The chronic "fight, flight or freeze" response that is prevalent in today's world of overstimulation further impedes bodily function. The result is build-up of waste in the digestive tract that prevents absorption of nutrients, causes bacteria build-up, and creates illness.

The same can be said for our subconscious mind. A build-up of negative thought patterns, unconscious habits and external projections crowd our clarity of perception and buffer us from our truest selves.

This 3-hr workshop leverages kundalini yoga and sound vibration to detoxify and replenish the mind, body and spirit. The seasonal cycles remind us to break our patterns to recalibrate with natural rhythms. We will use the powers of breath, sound, and movement to tune ourselves to health in time for the fall season.

In this workshop we will:
Exercise entire digestive system
Promote elimination
Activate creative energy
Awaken self-knowing
Gain clarity of perception and lightness of being
Create calming, grounding presence

A combination of enlivening asana, breathwork, meditation, and deep relaxation with crystal singing bowls will leave you cleansed, refreshed, and empowered.

All levels, including Kundalini newbies, welcome! Come as you are in comfortable clothes.

Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan in 1969, is a technology for activating awareness in the body for maximum vitality and sensory perception. It leverages ancient yogic practices that align breath with movement and sound frequency to awaken kundalini life force and distribute it throughout the body.

SoundWork is the art of creating sounds from a ceremonial container to intentionally channel divine love for the highest good.  Voice, crystal singing bowls, and percussion instruments are used to create a blissful landscape of interconnected sounds to heal, soothe, and invigorate the body into wholeness.



Adriana is a certified sound healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and 7Directions® dance ceremony facilitator. Learn more about Adriana, kundalini yoga, and SoundWork at

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