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Autumn Yin Workshop // Transformation & Courage

With Diana Estey (Subbing for Monique Haan)


*Please note that Diana Estey will be graciously stepping in to lead this workshop while Monique recovers from an injury… Thank you for your understanding, and for Diana for stepping in!

The autumn season is about transformation - the drawing of energy inward and preparing for the stillness of winter. This season celebrates the coming and going of life, the end of cycles, and the rhythms of breath. In Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are the organs associated with autumn, as they are the life-giving networks of the whole body - nourishing every cell and replenishing our energy. When our Lung chi is weak, we can tend towards respiratory disorders and the emotion of grief. When it is in harmony, we are able to access courage and reverence. This deeply nourishing yin yoga practice will support bringing us into harmony with the seasonal shift -- letting go of what needs to be released and setting intention for what wants to be harvested.

Yin yoga is a deep, passive and meditative practice that supports the release of congestion in the fascia (connective tissue) of our body (ligaments, joints). Poses are held for several minutes to gently stretch and rehabilitate these tissues. In Yin yoga, we are also stimulating the meridian channels of the body, rivers of energy (chi) that live within our fascia. By nourishing these channels, this vital energy is able move through the body with more integrity. Strong flowing chi supports the physical organs of the body, as well as harmonizing our inner emotional and mind state. The yin practice supports us in feeling grounded, centered and at ease.