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Sound Rejuvenation Journey

with Minna Sivola

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Enter the new week with calm and ease. Join us on this deeply relaxing acoustic sound journey into inner peace and tranquility. 

The evening includes three closely knitted parts to enhance relaxation. In the preparation phase, we do practices that help us to release any tension in the body and the mind to become more aware of the present moment. This will included simple movement, breathing and vocal practices. You will then lay down and enter into the soothing sound immersion journey allowing spaciousness and deep relaxation. The class will end with a chant to bring us safely back into the reality.

Sound healing reinforces our mind/body/soul connection, enhances wellbeing and at the same time builds our capacity to be fully present in our lives. 

After the event, attendees have described feeling "Ethereal", "Grounded", "Serene", "Noodle-y" and "Peaceful"

No previous experience is required. Please wear something warm and comfortable. Bring a pillow, blanket, yoga mat, eye cover and anything that will help you relax and be cozy as you lay down. 


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Minna Sivola is a certified sound practitioner. Her intention in sound healing is to assist the body and mind on its own restoring journey back to balance and harmony. When we allow the body to completely relax, letting go of stress, anxiety and any other unhealthy issues becomes immediately. Learning to call back the relaxation will allow us to live more at ease. Minna has a private practice in Oakland and she also offers sound rejuvenation classes onsite at corporations and yoga studios in the US and Europe.

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