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Connecting to Stillness and Inner Light: A Solstice Celebration and Yin Yoga Experience

With Diana Estey


Dwelling inwardly for extended periods, we come to know something of the poverty of always looking outside ourselves for happiness, understanding, and wisdom.  It is not that God, the environment, and other people cannot help us to be happy or to find satisfaction. It's just that our happiness, satisfaction, and our understanding even of God will be no deeper than our capacity to know ourselves inwardly, to encounter the outer world from the deep comfort that comes from being at home in one's own skin, from an intimate familiarity with the ways of one's own mind and body."

- Jon Kabat Zinn

We will listen into our deepest selves in this quiet stillpoint of the year with curiosity and love and celebration as we practice yoga together.


Diane Estey offers her students a physically challenging yet balanced practice, that nurtures and supports increasing levels of growth and well being. Her style draws from her studies at Kripalu in Western Massachusetts and in Northern California where she studied under many master teachers in the Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga traditions.  Diana completed her 300 hour Professional Teacher Training Program and was a faculty member with Down Under School of Yoga in Boston.


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