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Womb Replenishment

Women's Workshop - Kundalini Yoga & Sound

with Adriana Cerundolo

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As women, we reflect to the world what we cultivate internally. It is our basic nature to receive, conceive, and create. Our intuition and desires hold tremendous power as they are the seedlings for what the divine wishes to express through us.

To achieve our creative potential, we therefore need to replenish our sexual energy and claim our inner power. This starts with refilling our ojas - the juice that our brain runs on, which relies on healthy sexual fluid production - and balancing our auric field to be strong and clear. From this place of potency, we can use the power of our mind to access our intuition and bring any creation into fruition.

“Woman is the embodiment of the creativity of humankind.” - Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa

In this workshop we will use the technologies of kundalini yoga and sound healing to replenish our body with sexual energy, access our intuition, and strengthen our power of creation. This workshop is for any woman who wants to maximize her energetic and creative potency. Expect to leave physically revived and empowered to manifest your soul desires.

Beginners welcome!

Bring a water bottle, journal & pen, and yoga mat (optional; mats available in the studio).

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Adriana is a certified sound healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and 7Directions® dance ceremony facilitator. Learn more about Adriana, kundalini yoga, and SoundWork at

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