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Spirit Animal Medicine

Discover your Personal Power Animals
with Nicole Gnutzman

Native Americans believe that we each come into the world with a birth animal totem, the qualities of which are our true essence. As we mature, spirit animals come to us, if we are aware and open to them, with the medicine and teachings we most need in that moment to grow and thrive, and they are with us always as guides and protectors.

Through guided discussion, exercises and visualization, we will explore the world of personal power animals.  Nicole will be calling in your birth animal totem before the workshop, so please sign up early and send your birthdate and year of birth to her at

In this workshop you will:

    •    receive your birth animal totem and know its power
    •    understand how spirit animals come to you and recognize those that already have
    •    learn where you can explore the symbolism and medicine of your power animals
    •    visualize and feel into the gifts of one of your spirit animals, so you feel energized with
         its power