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The Tarot: A Tour Guide on the Journey

with Toni Bernbaum

All are welcome to join in a Tarot adventure as we discover a world from inside “a house of cards.” The best approach in learning about the Tarot is from the standpoint of the Fool….open, curious, present and willing to go on the journey of self exploration.  We will discover how each card opens a door to reveal available energies we can use for our evolution, in any given situation.  The Tarot is a trusted friend, always ready to help us broaden our perception and help us explore “the healing story.” It can be counted on as a loyal guide, supporting our capacity to experience more awareness, spaciousness, revelation, and choice.

In this workshop, we will create a container of safety and non-judgment as we ask the Tarot to reveal some aspect of ourselves that is needing or wanting to be expressed. From there we will follow the thread as that exploration unfolds.  Through our introductions and intentions, we will explore our relationship to the cards we choose.  We will address our group process as we discover how the Tarot can be a practical tool for our personal growth as well as how it illuminates the paths we share within our common humanity.  

The workshop is designed to stimulate learning for all levels of experience with the Tarot. No previous knowledge of the Tarot is necessary. We will go over the basic structure of the Tarot and how it can best be used as a respected guide and loyal friend.  If you are feeling the need for a guide on the inner adventure and are open to sharing intimate space with the gifts of the Tarot, this workshop is for you. 

Individual private readings for 30 mins will be available and scheduled in the afternoon after the workshop for those who wish a deeper dive with the Tarot’s reflection. 


30min personal readings with Toni after the workshop available for $50 (select the workshop plus reading option)

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