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Foundations in Daily Practice

with Amanda Gilbert

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Learn how to cultivate a meditation practice that will lay the foundation for living your healthiest and most optimal life.

In this workshop you will learn to build a sustainable meditation practice that will become an integral part of your daily life. We will review basics and fundamentals of meditation, define what meditation is and why we meditate, go over the mechanics of meditation, unpack the science of habit formation and the ancient traditions of creating a ritual around meditation, and learn to live a healthy and happy life based in mindfulness supported by a daily practice of meditation. 

At the end you will not only know how to meditate everyday, you will also understand how to increase health and wellbeing through mindfulness and how your daily meditation practice supports you in living your most optimal life. This is for those completely new to meditation and experienced meditators wishing to refresh and deepen connection to their meditation practice.


Amanda Gilbert is a meditation and mindfulness teacher and expert who knows first hand how meditating everyday can not only change your life but also become the foundation to live a healthy and happy life. Through her experience working in clinical research, teaching hundreds of students, and her training in mantra meditation and mindfulness, Amanda makes learning meditation and sustaining a daily practice fun, joy-filled, and simple.

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