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DREAM WEAVERS: Understand the Messages of your Dreams and Align with Your Soul’s Path

With Nicole Gnutzman and Dr. Toni Galardi

Dreams are messages from our souls. They communicate deep wisdom that allow us to access our deeper selves and to activate inner renewal, strength and outer expansion when we work with, listen to, and act on their meaning and messages. 

Dreams guide and teach us how to come into alignment with our soul’s purpose and life path. 

What is calling YOU? What is wanting to emerge in your life? How can your dreams be an ally in taking these messages from longing to action?

Nicole Gnutzman and Dr. Toni Galardi, who are soul path coaches and dream weavers, are offering two complementary paths to understanding your dreams. 

Attend the introductory workshop to learn the basics of how to interpret your dreams for real world manifestation. If it speaks to you, then deepen your awareness, alignment and action by joining us in our monthly Dream Circles.

In our Introductory Dream Weaver Workshop, you will:
- Understand the four levels of dreaming and the wisdom that becomes available when you work with your dreams
- Learn dream analysis basics, so you can decipher messages from your soul
- Observe a model dream analysis by our two workshop leaders, who have deep personal and professional knowledge of dream symbolism and meaning
- Apply dream analysis to one of your own dreams in class and go deep on deciphering its symbolism and meaning
- Share and learn from each others’ dreams.

In Sacred Dream Circle, you will:
- Apply all the benefits and learnings from the workshop
- Engage in deeper dream analysis in a safe, sacred, healing circle
- Learn how to evoke, and align with, your soul’s purpose in dreamtime
- Be a part of a community of like-minded souls committed to personal and collective growth acceleration.



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Nicole Gnutzman is a certified Soul’s Path Coach, who after many years in the corporate world, and as a consultant and entrepreneur, found herself at a threshold of possibility. Guided by deep inner work and soul messages from her dreams, and in personal ceremony with cacao, she reclaimed her soul gifts and soul’s path, which is to guide clients to find theirs. She has led dream circles and explores dream messages in private sessions. She lives in Sausalito; her soul thrives on the beach and in the redwoods. Her website and blog are at 

Dr. Toni Galardi is a Jungian trained psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and career coach. Passionate about the power that dreams can provide for finding one’s next life purpose, Dr. Galardi has taught dream interpretation from both the Jungian and shamanic perspective in both workshop and academic circles. She has also found it to be incredibly useful as an adjunct to her soul blueprint readings as an astrologer. She has had the good fortune to live and practice in Mill Valley surrounded by redwood trees and a creek.  Her website is