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A Happy Belly: Insights Into Diet and Digestion from the Ayurvedic Perspective

with Simone de Winter from Marin Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a very nuanced way of relating to foods, different from the modern nutritionist's approach. Instead of relating to food groups and vitamin and mineral content, it considers the taste and energy of a food, and emphasizes the ability to digest and assimilate its nutrients. How does the quality of each considered taste affect us chemically? Does a food heat us up or cool us down? What is the post-digestive effect of a food? This lecture will attempt to demystify the famous ayurvedic foodlists, so that they become a tool for making good dietary choices.

Farmhouse Lab will be sampling its pure and light, consciously sourced and crafted salad dressings on a variety of fresh, organic, local produce to inspire you to new ways of healthy eating. Christabelle's Spices and Rubs will feature its delicious, handcrafted local spice blends... don't miss this informative (mouth-watering) event!