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Cacao Ceremony & Journey

A Restorative Evening with Cacao

sacred cacao.jpg

 with Nicole Gnutzman

Our luscious new cacao offering: Restorative Cacao Ceremony featuring Tantric Rose Blossom ceremonial cacao from a local chocolatier, Firefly Chocolate, which provides a soft, sweet, heart blossoming journey. A special sound bath healing playlist accompanies you on your journey. This journey with cacao will restore you just in time for Friday and the weekend!

Cacao ceremony is a deeply somatic, meditative experience that connects mind-body-spirit, while facilitating an inner sense of renewed inspiration, clarity, and inner reconnection. Cacao has an ancient history of opening people to the wisdom of the heart. They believed the cacao tree is sacred and honored cacao for its ability to connect and heal their inner selves, community and spirit through ceremony. 

This gentle healing journey
*reconnects you to your inner world
*accesses inner guidance and heart wisdom
*restores inner balance and a sense of wholeness
*inspires creativity and innovation
*improves mental clarity and focus

This evening ceremony is 1.75 hours, a slightly shorter but still powerful version of our Saturday series. 

How to prepare for ceremony: For optimal effect of the cacao, it's best to fast for 3 hours before and partake lightly of caffeine and dairy for the day. Hydrating with water, before, during and after ceremony, and drinking electrolytes, is advised as cacao is a mild diuretic and detoxifier. 

Medication contraindicators: Cacao is not recommended for people who are taking heart medicine or anti-depressants. If you are taking one of these medications, you are always welcome to join us in ceremony without cacao. It is a beautiful experience all on its own.

What we’ll be drinking: A warm cacao elixir of ceremonial Tantric Rose Blossom cacao blended with spices and raw honey.

What to bring: For your journey, bring a yoga mat, blanket (pillow optional) to create a cacao cocoon as we lie down on the floor for a good portion of ceremony, a bottle of water, and a journal and pen. If you’d like to bring a crystal or mala or other sacred object to have with you or place on the altar, please do. 

Intention for ceremony: You may wish to take a moment to reflect on your intention for ceremony: it could be for self care and nurturing; inner reconnection and healing; or deeper connection with Spirit, loved ones or ancestors. Opening, allowing and receiving the gifts of IxCacao, the Spirit of Cacao, will create a profoundly beautiful experience.

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