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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Inspire your creativity, connect mind-body-spirit, and guide and enhance your life path with cacao

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 with Nicole Gnutzman

Cacao ceremony is deeply somatic, dreamlike experience that inspires creativity and innovation, and connects mind-body-spirit-soul, while guiding and enhancing our life path. It is a captivating, energizing and healing journey.

Cacao has an ancient history of opening people to the wisdom of the heart and its recent resurgence is being felt around the world as ceremonies are held everywhere from retreats in Central America, to dance clubs in Berlin, and at corporate events in Silicon Valley. It facilitates a sense of renewed inspiration, clarity, and connectedness.  

In her cacao ceremony, which honors Mayan tradition and wisdom, Nicole begins by acknowledging the Mayan Day Sign of that day, moon astrology and inspiration from Spirit; and then she shares Mayan prayer before leading guided visual meditation that supports inner connection, so we can fully relax and journey with the sacred music that follows.

Cacao ceremony aids in:
    inspiring creativity and innovation
    improving mental clarity and focus
    accessing intuition and inner wisdom
    achieving inner balance, connection and wellbeing

Ceremony is 2 1/2 hours. Sharing with the group post ceremony, deepens inner connection, and creates a sense of relationship and community, so we include time for that deepening.

How to prepare for ceremony: For optimal effect of the cacao, it's best to fast for 3 hours before and partake lightly of caffeine and dairy for the day. Hydrating with water, before, during and after ceremony is advised as cacao is a mild diuretic and detoxifier.

Medication contraindicators: Cacao is not recommended for people who are taking heart medicine or anti-depressants. If you are taking one of these medications, you are always welcome to join us in ceremony without cacao. It is a beautiful experience all on its own.

What we’ll be drinking: A warm cacao elixir of raw ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, blended with cardamom, ginger, a hint of chile pepper and raw honey.

What to bring: For your journey, bring a yoga mat and pillow to create a cacao cocoon as we often lie down on the floor for part of ceremony, a bottle of water, and a journal and pen. Bolsters and blankets are provided. If you’d like to bring a crystal or mala or other sacred object to have with you or place on the altar, please do.

Intention for ceremony: You may wish to take a moment to reflect on your intention for ceremony; it could be a desire for clarity or guidance on something in your life, work or relationship, deeper connection with Spirit or life itself, or simply a deep, healing journey.

**Please note: because of the special preparation required for this ceremony, please register by the end of the day on Friday if possible please, thank you!**

Shamanic Journeys

Enjoy a personal Shamanic Journey with Nicole prior to your Cacao Ceremony experience, or book a journey independently of the event.  

Journeying to bring answers back from spirit animal guides or teachers is an ancient shamanic practice. In these drum journeying sessions, Nicole will journey on your behalf, ask her spirit animal or teacher the question you are seeking an answer to, and will bring back and share the answer and insights with you. All you need to do is relax and wait for the answer.

Bring an intention about something for which you would like to receive an answer. You may ask an open-ended question in the form of a “What," “Who," “Where,” or “How" and in the present tense (no future or past and no “When’s" as that's in the future too). Here's an example: “What should I be focusing on right now in my work?” Closed-ended "yes/no" questions are not recommended as the richness is in the details of the journey. And the question must be about you, not another person unless you have asked for their permission (the spirits have a deep sense of ethics). 

*If you book a shamanic journey we will be in contact via email to schedule the session between 11am and 3pm (before the Cacao Ceremony)

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