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Transform Stress into Bliss with Sound Healing

With Minna Sivola

When we are stressed, anxious or have a physical illness, we are “out of tune”.  Sound vibration acts as a carrier to teach the body and mind how a sense of wellbeing feels. As this memory is embodied it is easy to access it trough out our everyday lives. 

In this workshop we will activate the relaxation response through stimulation of the vagus nerve by using breath, voice and gentle movement. The evening will end to the subtle acoustic sound journey into deep relaxation. You will leave rejuvenated with a deep sense of calm and well-being. 

Typical experiences in the sound healing classes are
•    stress release
•    improved mental clarity and focus
•    release of physical and/or emotional anxiety
•    relief for sleeping issues
•    restoration of inner balance and harmony.

No previous experience required. Please wear something warm and comfortable and bring a yoga mat.  Blankets and bolsters are provided.