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Flow Consciousness – The Vedic Approach to Meditation

With James Brown

When we’re in a state of flow we perform at our best, and enjoy ourselves immensely. We are fully present…without trying to be. These are the best, most creative experiences of life. But for most people these flow states are rare and fleeting. Why? Because too often we find that our minds are spinning out of control. A recent study from Harvard showed that most of us spend almost half of our lives trapped in a non-stop stream of brain chatter. Sound familiar? Please join Vedic Meditation master James Brown for an immersive, interactive workshop that will challenge and expand your ideas about the nature of the mind, the value of effort, and send you home with a couple of meditation techniques that will help you better allow your mind, and life, to flow.

In this 90-minute workshop James will lead you through a series of steps that will allow you to discover how easy and effortless meditation can be when you stop trying so hard and allow consciousness to flow. No previous meditation experience required, and if you are already an expert we promise you’ll learn something new. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in and bring water if you want. We will have backjacks, chairs and bolsters to help keep you comfortable.