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Massage Therapists

Are you a certified massage therapist and interested in working at Soulstice Spa?  Work alongside a terrific team of talented practitioners passionate about massage therapy...  Resumes may be dropped off at Soulstice Spa during business hours, mailed to the spa, or emailed to

Here is what some of our Soulstice Spa therapists have to say...

"I have been a massage practitioner for over 30 years. I have worked for many different places and people doctors, chiropractors, psychologist and my own mobile business.  In all that time I have never felt more at home then with Soulstice Spa. I believe what sets us apart from other spas is how much we care for our clients and the teamwork that it takes to be successful. Kayse, the owner, has an extraordinary way of making you feel at ease and safe in this peaceful environment that she has created for us and the clients. I am glad to be a part of this amazing team of massage therapist and to be part of Kayse's life."

- Nikki McGovern

"Soulstice has a great vibe. Kayse, the owner, a massage therapist herself, has thought of everything to make the spa a comfortable place for both clients and therapists. I always had what I needed to do the massage. Everything was well-stocked and organized. It really allowed me to focus on doing my massage, which could be as unique as each person receiving it. Kayse encouraged us to give and hone our own individual signature massage. Whether it was about massage or something going on in our lives outside the spa, she was supportive, understanding and communicative. In fact, Kayse has been a true mentor for me and I am extremely grateful for all the help and advice she has given me along the way, even as it related to my own practice outside the spa. She is a master at networking and great at making connections with people.  She was wonderful about providing us safe and comfortable opportunities to meet potential spa members and spot-on at matching therapists up with clients who would appreciate our personality and style. To that same end, I always felt like the front desk had my back as far as re-booking and keeping us therapists as busy as we wanted to be. It's a great group and environment overall. The team morphs, as people come go and go with pregnancies or life changes, but always seems to remain cohesive and friendly. The spa attracts therapists and clients who are appreciative, down to earth, pleasant and supportive. Soulstice is a great place to do massage and make friends, too!  Even though I no longer have any shifts there, I still return to visit and get massage myself!"

-Elizabeth Young

"I love working at Soulstice Spa because it is not a corporate company & there is no corporate feel. The atmosphere is very relaxing and peaceful. Receiving massage is highly encouraged in the workplace and I regularly receive massage therapy trades from the therapists who work at Soulstice Spa. Inspiration for me working at Soulstice is working with fellow therapists and learning some new techniques. Kayse and the front desk staff are very talented in finding the right therapist for a client. More often that not it is always a perfect match!"

-Jennifer Miller


Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers

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Yoga Teachers

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Reception Staff