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Gina Vance, CCHT, CLC

Inner Journey Guide & Mind-Body Mentor
Inner journeys of self discovery and healing in person, by video & online everywhere.

Gina is a popular mind-body health coach, teacher, and author, with a history of seeming miraculous success in transformational work. After healing her own severe PTSD with mind-body skills, Gina left a career in engineering to teach what she knows about how easy it can be to create change, heal and thrive.

She specializes in helping people work with their subconscious to make the changes they want to make, clear limitations and deliver their gifts, talents and abilities where they are wanted and needed.

Her work combines interactive forms of hypnotherapy, guided imagery and somatic meditation in ways that create freedom from pain, anxieties and trauma, while empowering more joyous, confident and effective presence.

When working with Gina, you are simultaneously working with a Hypnotherapist, Mind-Body Coach, Interactive Guided Imagery Practitioner, Advanced Mind-Body Skills Practitioner, and mind-body and trauma healing teacher to mental health professionals. This work gently and easily gets results are life-changing and soul-affirming in a relatively short time.