Strong Lung Syrup


Strong Lung Syrup


Taproot Medicine's Strong Lung Syrup is a gentle, potent, herbal tonic formulated for healing damaged tissue, easing breathing, protecting the nervous system, and processing toxins through the liver. It tastes like the garden on a warm summer day in the late afternoon.

Ingredients:  honey, filtered water, a touch o' brandy, herbs (listed below) and a wellness wish.

mullein - heal damaged tissue, process grief   
thyme - clear cough, aromatic.    
rosemary - antioxidant, warming, indgestive, energetically empowering.
elacampane/inula - ease breathing and expectorate
nettle - nourish and remove toxins
reishi - remove toxins, support immune, calm heart stress   
rosehips - vit. c, astringent, harmonizing licorice - harmonize, clear and moisten   
rhodiola - bronchio-dialator, adaptogen  
anise seed - open and expectorate   
marshmallow - oisten and heal tissue   
milk thistle seed - liver protective, clears brain fog
orange peel - bitter, process toxins, liver support

*all organic or wild harvested! 

*made in with love in Sonoma County!

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