Love A Bee Honey


Love A Bee Honey


This delicious local Honey comes in several varietals that are sourced from some of the most unique places on the west coast. Each varietal has a unique taste profile that can be seen in its color and tasted in its flavor characteristics. All 100% natural and raw.

Meadowfoam Honey
From the Willamette Valley, Oregon. This Varietal is a very sweet treat! People often remark that its flavor tastes like marshmallows. The incredibly unique flavor of this honey pairs wonderfully with peaches, on toast and just by the spoon-full!

Tulare Twist
From Tulare County, California where citrus trees grow in abundance. This honey is sourced from orange blossoms! Smooth and creamy with a delicate orange zest flavor, it pairs beautifully with nuts and perfect in black tea.

Later Bloomer
From Forestville, California. This honey is sourced from a mix of white Lantern Manzanita & Loquat blossoms. The flavor has notes of lemon blossom and peaches with a pairs wonderfully with sharp cheeses and white wine.

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