News For Our Sonoma County Friends!

To our friends in Sonoma County… We love and appreciate you so much!

+Thank you+ for all of your incredible support over the last six years and standing so solidly beside us through all the ups and downs of this beautiful life we share. We care deeply for all of you, and it’s making a difference in your lives — mentally, physically, emotionally — that motivates us to bring a little bit of softness, kindness and meaningful care into your lives.

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As many of you know we have been working to bring our Mind/Body Studio and additional healing services including yoga classes, meditation classes, sound healings and more to you all in Sonoma County. (To get an idea, please visit our sister studio and click on Classes + Workshops.)

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In a very unexpected-but-happy twist of fate, we are going to be able to both stay in our current location AND grow in our current location. We know many of you will be relieved not to drive to a new location, and furthermore we’ll be able to bring you classes much more quickly this summer! We have already begun creating an amazing founding teaching team and schedule of classes. Stay tuned in the coming weeks!

Please read below for a list of Q+A that we hope will answer most of your questions…

When will classes begin? In the coming weeks, you’ll begin to see some of our neighbors relocating and the walls coming down. As soon as the demolition is complete, we’ll work as quickly as possible to build out a beautiful class studio. Our hope is to begin classes this summer!

Will you stay open for massage & bodywork while the studio is being built? Yes, we will be here for you as always.

Where will the studio be? Just next door! Our fantastic neighbors will be re-locating from the adjacent spaces, making space for us to place a beautiful, spacious studio just alongside us.

How do I sign up for classes? How much will they cost? Very soon we will be offering very special charter Memberships for our current customers and members… These are amazing deals that allow you to receive incredible savings on both massage and mind/body classes while supporting our growth.

What kind of classes will you offer? We’ve done our very best to bring you the types of classes you’ve been asking for! We will have Yoga for Beginners, Restorative Yoga, Flow Yoga and more… Meditation classes, Qigong, Sound Healings, and Cacao Ceremony. Also look for special yoga and meditation workshops, as well as collaborations with other local Sonoma County businesses and healing practitioners.

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Sonoma County, we adore you and have appreciated your steadfast support more than you know — thank you for believing in us and trusting our team to care for you… mind, body and spirit! While the incredible benefits of monthly massage are well-known to many of you, we are so excited to bring you additional healing and self-care practices that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

We look forward to seeing you all soon ~ Much love from all of us at Soulstice

Ground to Grow…get Embodied to create your best life!

This winter at Soulstice we’re exploring and experiencing the concept of getting Grounded into our bodies. “Getting into our bodies” is a phrase we use a lot at the studio, and it can be mystifying to folks new to our community. What does it mean?? If I’m not in my body, where am I?  Being fully grounded and present in your body means that you — your complete self — mind, body and spirit are intact and aligned. When you are fully in your body, you possess a sense of awareness of your physical body in space, a heightened experience of touch, sensation and sensitivity, and a much greater ability to feel the world around you.

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How do you know when you’re not in your body?? Here are some signs that you need Grounding:

  • feeling scrambled, restless or impatient

  • rushing for no reason

  • forgetting and misplacing things

  • acting busy but unproductive

  • repeating lots of unnecessary or incomplete acts

  • changing your mind frequently

  • indecision, or feeling ‘frozen’ by overwhelm

Conversely, when you get Grounded, you’ll experience:

  • being able to experience your own energy and not be swept into the moods of others

  • feeling a steady state of protection and safety

  • experience a sense of ease in your body, fluid movement to the way you move through the world and less static in your interactions

  • enhanced Creativity and Intuition

  • a more dynamic, richer experience and understanding of your own feelings, thoughts and emotions

  • a comfort and confidence in being in your own skin

  • …more luck, wonder and serendipity!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? How and where do I sign up?

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The first step to getting Grounded is being honest with yourself about the ways we get in our own way of being in our bodies — I like to call them the three D’s: Discomfort, Drama and Distraction. Once we witness all the ways in which we wriggle away from our own discomfort and layer our lives with distraction and drama, we can create the space and internal sanctuary that encourages and allows Groundedness to blossom.

Discomfort: Pain, suffering, loss, sadness. Grief, heartache, longing. All of these feelings are a necessary, unavoidable experience of living a fully, truly lived human experience. And increasingly, we’re not super great at it. In modern society entire industries have been built around getting us out of our own physical and emotional discomfort. We self-medicate in so many ways to ease, bypass or numb our way through dealing with the challenges of life. Chronic pain, anxiety and systemic health conditions can make it extremely challenging to be in our bodies and present to its conditions; however it’s vital we choose and develop coping skills that enhance feeling (meditation, massage, yoga) while easing pain rather than numbing feeling (through drugs, alcohol, apathy and prescription painkillers.)

Drama: One of our common human tricks to avoid working on our inner world is to create constant, unending drama in our outer world. We have a tendency to cling to unhealthy relationships, enable or enact dysfunctional behaviors or become mesmerized by the drama of strangers through modern media. Our quiet, inner spiritual world might seem pretty boring when compared with the entertainment, noise and stimulation of television, the internet and social media. But once you simplify your days with only what brings you personal joy, growth and purpose, your experience of life will become infinitely richer. We evolve alongside — and with — the company we keep.

Distraction: Modern media and technology provide endless opportunities for distraction from being present within ourselves. And this is even more true in areas of privilege where we have so many plausible reasons to busy ourselves with achievement, financial success, self-promotion and goal-oriented hobbies. It’s impossible to develop a healthy self-awareness, emotional intelligence and lasting connection of Groundedness when all of your mental attention is focused on the next activity, achievement and acquisition. Our media is entertaining theater, surely, but it traps us in a state of unreality and disconnection. Getting Grounded into your body is the ultimate way to sweep the mental clutter aside so you can think, feel and act from a true sense of reality and awareness. In this space we can begin to see, imagine and ultimately create the possibility of a different kind of world and lived experience.

Curious to explore more?? Please join us on Friday evening February 22, 2019 in Sausalito for an inspiring, enlightening talk by Terrie Burns. In this interactive evening, Terrie will explore and explain why getting Embodied is vital to our evolving world… Please register in advance and join us!

About Soulstice Mind + Body Spa:

Based in beautiful Sausalito, Marin County, Soulstice is an innovative massage + meditation studio offering an array of mind-body services in an accessible way. Heal, restore and renew with our diverse team of talented, professional massage therapists and world-class teaching team of meditation and movement instructors. Become part of our community and enjoy 20+ weekly classes, expert bodywork and dynamic workshops seven days a week. Experience all the benefits of a regular meditation and massage therapy practice and transform your life — mind, body & spirit!