Ground to Grow…get Embodied to create your best life!

This winter at Soulstice we’re exploring and experiencing the concept of getting Grounded into our bodies. “Getting into our bodies” is a phrase we use a lot at the studio, and it can be mystifying to folks new to our community. What does it mean?? If I’m not in my body, where am I?  Being fully grounded and present in your body means that you — your complete self — mind, body and spirit are intact and aligned. When you are fully in your body, you possess a sense of awareness of your physical body in space, a heightened experience of touch, sensation and sensitivity, and a much greater ability to feel the world around you.


How do you know when you’re not in your body?? Here are some signs that you need Grounding:

  • feeling scrambled, restless or impatient

  • rushing for no reason

  • forgetting and misplacing things

  • acting busy but unproductive

  • repeating lots of unnecessary or incomplete acts

  • changing your mind frequently

  • indecision, or feeling ‘frozen’ by overwhelm

Conversely, when you get Grounded, you’ll experience:

  • being able to experience your own energy and not be swept into the moods of others

  • feeling a steady state of protection and safety

  • experience a sense of ease in your body, fluid movement to the way you move through the world and less static in your interactions

  • enhanced Creativity and Intuition

  • a more dynamic, richer experience and understanding of your own feelings, thoughts and emotions

  • a comfort and confidence in being in your own skin

  • …more luck, wonder and serendipity!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? How and where do I sign up?


The first step to getting Grounded is being honest with yourself about the ways we get in our own way of being in our bodies — I like to call them the three D’s: Discomfort, Drama and Distraction. Once we witness all the ways in which we wriggle away from our own discomfort and layer our lives with distraction and drama, we can create the space and internal sanctuary that encourages and allows Groundedness to blossom.

Discomfort: Pain, suffering, loss, sadness. Grief, heartache, longing. All of these feelings are a necessary, unavoidable experience of living a fully, truly lived human experience. And increasingly, we’re not super great at it. In modern society entire industries have been built around getting us out of our own physical and emotional discomfort. We self-medicate in so many ways to ease, bypass or numb our way through dealing with the challenges of life. Chronic pain, anxiety and systemic health conditions can make it extremely challenging to be in our bodies and present to its conditions; however it’s vital we choose and develop coping skills that enhance feeling (meditation, massage, yoga) while easing pain rather than numbing feeling (through drugs, alcohol, apathy and prescription painkillers.)

Drama: One of our common human tricks to avoid working on our inner world is to create constant, unending drama in our outer world. We have a tendency to cling to unhealthy relationships, enable or enact dysfunctional behaviors or become mesmerized by the drama of strangers through modern media. Our quiet, inner spiritual world might seem pretty boring when compared with the entertainment, noise and stimulation of television, the internet and social media. But once you simplify your days with only what brings you personal joy, growth and purpose, your experience of life will become infinitely richer. We evolve alongside — and with — the company we keep.

Distraction: Modern media and technology provide endless opportunities for distraction from being present within ourselves. And this is even more true in areas of privilege where we have so many plausible reasons to busy ourselves with achievement, financial success, self-promotion and goal-oriented hobbies. It’s impossible to develop a healthy self-awareness, emotional intelligence and lasting connection of Groundedness when all of your mental attention is focused on the next activity, achievement and acquisition. Our media is entertaining theater, surely, but it traps us in a state of unreality and disconnection. Getting Grounded into your body is the ultimate way to sweep the mental clutter aside so you can think, feel and act from a true sense of reality and awareness. In this space we can begin to see, imagine and ultimately create the possibility of a different kind of world and lived experience.

Curious to explore more?? Please join us on Friday evening February 22, 2019 in Sausalito for an inspiring, enlightening talk by Terrie Burns. In this interactive evening, Terrie will explore and explain why getting Embodied is vital to our evolving world… Please register in advance and join us!

About Soulstice Mind + Body Spa:

Based in beautiful Sausalito, Marin County, Soulstice is an innovative massage + meditation studio offering an array of mind-body services in an accessible way. Heal, restore and renew with our diverse team of talented, professional massage therapists and world-class teaching team of meditation and movement instructors. Become part of our community and enjoy 20+ weekly classes, expert bodywork and dynamic workshops seven days a week. Experience all the benefits of a regular meditation and massage therapy practice and transform your life — mind, body & spirit!

Being of Service: A Healer’s Game Plan

I’ve been blessed to study, search and seek in the healing arts for over twenty years now. With each passing year, I feel evermore lucky to have discovered my path and purpose at a relatively young age and spend the majority of life within and alongside a community of healers…. I owe so much to Esalen, my early teachers and the guides around me who loved and supported my — at the time — pretty weird interests. Like many in the healing arts, my practice has healed me from my own childhood traumas and over time has deepened an inner resiliency and resolve that has seen me through life’s disappointments, heartaches and betrayals. A daily practice — with all its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits — is what I rely upon most to weather life’s ups & downs, the strength to hold the tough conversations, and the ability to stay true to my heart in a very noisy world.

To my friends and colleagues in the Healing Arts… the Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Meditation Guides, Studio Owners, Counselors, Therapists, Caregivers and more: We’re in the dawning of a time when our work, our art and our contribution are vital to our collective future. Every day we are waking up to the fires and floods of our earthly and inner worlds, and can no longer hide, dismiss or delay the deep healing that is called for right now. It’s all-encompassing and undeniable — and it’s going to take all of us, together, to shift the paradigm and evolve.

Creating a Safe Space + Sanctuary: Ask anyone in the healing arts, and they will agree…. healing can only happen once your soul feels safe for that healing to occur. Healing cannot be commanded, rushed or controlled. Rarely is it convenient, well-timed or predictable. In fact, deep healing typically happens when your spirit is finally in a comfortable place to feel, express and be; it’s rarely easy, never pretty and oftentimes when you’re in the thick of it you’ll wonder what on earth is happening to you. Only in hindsight will you see the wisdom of experience, learn the body’s way of knowing and reach the deep well of compassion that exists within us all. As healers, the very first thing we must do is create a true, authentic and safe foundation for people to simply rest their hearts, minds and spirits.


Valuing Our Work: The work of a healer is to assist the transformation, blossoming, positive growth and flourishing of an individual, community and society. It’s kind of important, no? Vital. As healers we must begin to appreciate our work and service in how we present, value and honor ourselves and each other. For generations past we have aspired to and held up the lawyers, the bankers and those professions that move and leverage other people’s ideas and creations. Focused on achieving and amassing, wealth and self, these professions do little to cultivate empathy, instill meaning or create beauty in the world. So why do those professions command respect and deserve greater value?? Simply because they have demanded it.

It’s vital that moving forward we as healers begin to reshape how we value our work, price, prioritize and present what we offer. How much would you pay for a happier, more joyful and meaningful life? Let’s stop nickel and diming ourselves with sliding scales, outdated “by donation” payment models and treating our healing sanctuaries like a 24-Hour Fitness. Treat your time and contribution with the honor and respect it deserves, and by doing so we help shift what society values and attaches meaning to in life.


Don’t Teach, Model: At our Soulstice studios, we have never seen our community more in need of care and healing. Anxiety, depression, hopelessness and despair is epidemic. Approaching our professions with the intention of saving people from their pain will only lead to burn-out. Healers need to Show, not Save. We do this by being brave enough to live differently. Being happy with what we have. Enjoying the freedom that comes with having less stuff. Spending our resources on experiences over acquisitions. Valuing rest, spaciousness and stillness. Being willing to call out unethical behavior and stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Modeling kindness, sharing and curiosity to learn one another’s stories.

We’re on this planet to achieve and contribute, but we’re also here to enjoy, laugh and experience the ease, humor and beauty of being human. As Healers we need to show — not teach — balance, priorities and a new way of being in our world.


Lose the Guru: As people grow more desperate for a path out of their pain, it is our job to help remind people that every individual already has everything they need within themselves to heal. Our role is to be a catalyst, a spark, a means, a sanctuary, an inspiration to empower people to heal themselves. To pretend or imagine “our way” is the only route or method to healing is doing society a disservice and more of the same limited, ego-centered thinking that got us here in the first place. There is not just one type of Yoga that’s ‘better than’ or Massage Therapist that is ‘most effective.’ We’re all in this together!

We believe everyone’s path is unique, and therefore everyone will have their own very personal experience of healing. Each has their own method, place and timing and none of us truly know what’s best for another person. This is why we will always champion diversity, difference and exploration at our studios, trusting that people can and will grow through making their healing a priority, accessible and available to their daily life. Whether through bodywork, yoga practice, breathwork, meditation, dance, music, mantra, art, qigong or more, we give ourselves the best opportunity for growth when we’re open to a diversity of experience. Healers, we have so much more to gain when we support, respect and learn from each other and come from a place of interdependence and sharing.

As with all healing, once the smoke clears and land beneath us settles, we’ll understand why it was so necessary to live through this incredibly challenging moment in our collective story…. Grateful for our amazing healing community who wake up every day and work toward a more beautiful, giving and kind world. We see you ~ and we thank you.

Happy Independent’s Day!

How To Love up Your Local!

Merchants .jpeg

Have a look around our Bay Area towns and you’ll notice it’s harder than ever for independent retailers, artisans and local restauranteurs to make it…. Sky-high rents, government dysfunction and construction costs are off-the-charts, and independent businesses are closing left and right. The merchants and proprietors behind small businesses are the driving forces that create opportunities for community and connection all across America. And — more than ever — we need your help!

One of the things I love most about our Sausalito small business community is that you very often find the owner there on the scene. This is so special and, in modern times, truly rare. On any given morning you can usually find Tera checking on the beans at CIBO, Yoshi chatting with guests of Sushi Ran, Adam and Graham stocking shelves at Driver’s Market and Aaron having a blast flying planes at Seaplane Adventures. Jill is in the back, measuring fabric, Rowena is giving thoughtful advice on eco-friendly couches and Chad is intently tweaking a customer’s bike. When you shop at a small business, you are investing in people and families you know. You’re investing in and supporting jobs for vibrant, caring people and helping to create beauty and meaning in our community and world.

For far too long — and to the detriment of our communities — our society and media have glorified the industries and professions that do nothing to contribute meaning, creativity and beauty in the world. At the end of the day, corporate chains do precious little to enhance our daily lives, create meaningful memories or inspire the small everyday joys that truly matter in the sum of our lifetimes.

With little contribution or change on the horizon from our media, government or institutions, the power lies within each of us to work together to create the community of our dreams. Wanna help us?? Here are some easy action steps you can take to help support your local, independent businesses:

  • Support us! In our world of speed, efficiency and convenience, we know it’s oh-so-easy to have Amazon deliver everything you need quickly, cheaply and in a few clicks. But we so appreciate when you take the time to shop with us! We can only be here if you support us, and we appreciate all of you for going out of your way to shop, review, refer and champion our local small businesses.

  • Pay in Cash. This is a small thing, but with meaningful consequences! When you use credit cards, thousands of dollars each year go to Visa, Mastercard and giant multinational banks instead of the small community business you are supporting. When you pay in cash, 100% of your dollar supports the artist, merchant and proprietor and helps us sustain, grow and invest more resources in our amazing teams.

  • Offer Kindness and Encouragement. Many of us small business owners work countless hours behind the scenes, driven by a deep passion for our craft, devotion to our services and desire to be of service to our communties. For every hour you see us in our shops, please know we are up way earlier than that sweeping our storefronts, baking our croissants, and hitting the farmer’s markets to bring you the best and freshest. Late into the night we are meeting payroll, wrestling with government bureaucracy and battling exploitative insurance companies. The hours can be long, and quite lonely at times, and you have no idea how much it means to us to receive your kind feedback, an encouraging word or a fabulous online review. Knowing that our work brings you joy, happiness and meaning — especially on the tough days — means everything.

  • Honor Quality over Quantity. Sure, a pint of organic and non-GMO blueberries might cost a couple bucks more at Driver’s Market than at Safeway… but at Driver’s you can be assured that those berries are sourced from an ethical, local farm paying fair wages to its workers. An artisan-made dress by Jill Giordano is going to be WAY more interesting than a dress from Macy’s manufactured in China. And you will wear and cherish that necklace of Katya’s for decades to come…. Quality over quantity!

  • Value Experiences over Stuff. At the end of the day, it is how we spend our time and how we make others feel that matters most. For us small business owners, nothing makes us happier than seeing you lingering happily over a meal we created for you, leaving our establishment refreshed and revitalized, or sharing a memorable experience of flying over, kayaking around or sailing our beautiful Bay with someone you love. Experiences will stay with you forever…

  • Share your Space. The skyrocketing rents and limited affordable housing options are the biggest threat to our small retail and creative businesses. It’s becoming simply impossible for our wonderful baristas, musicians, servers, artists and healers to afford to live here. These are the very same people who make our communities diverse, interesting, friendly, creative and unique — we all need to consider how much we have, and what we are able to contribute and share for our greater community. If you have a multi-bedroom house, an au pair unit or guest cottage going unused, please consider renting your extra space affordably to someone who will truly appreciate it. In turn, you’ll be contributing meaningfully to a more interesting and vital community for us all…

Happy Independence Day to all, and thank you for helping us keep Sausalito soulful & salty!

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